Connecting innovative technologies, effective partnership and expertise in the field, DeltaP follows best practices of servicing of medical gas pipeline systems and air stations, pure gas generator and concentrators: starting from MGPS projects and consultancy and finishing with installation, maintenance and after sales support.

Particular attention to projecting and expert consultation services allowed DeltaP to meet the needs of demanding clients worldwide. We help to implement comprehensive solutions and advanced project in line with modern standards and market needs in equipment for medical gas. Our consolidated team of technicians, engineers, consultants, and regulatory experts will help to implement even the boldest projects like medical air station or vacuum distribution system for modern facilities

Applying high standards in installation and maintenance of equipment for medical gas, DeltaP gained recognition among the best companies both on local and international markets. We strive for excellence even in most complex and precise areas of application like medical vacuum distribution system.

Experience DeltaP proactive approach to high quality services and maintenance in line with modern standards contacting our expert team.

Medical Equipment Supply

Equipment and supplies are purchased through a medical equipment supplier. Some examples of JMI Supply include: Hospital Beds. Anesthesia Machine. Defibrillator  and Autoclave. 

Biomedical Services

A biomedical engineering/equipment technician/technologist (‘BMET’) or biomedical engineering/equipment specialist (BES or BMES) is typically an electro-mechanical technician or technologist who ensures that medical equipment is well-maintained, properly configured, and safely functional.​

Medical Repair & Refurbishment

Different levels of refurbishing are available for medical equipment, and the right type of refurbishing really depends on your medical facility’s needs.